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We don’t just tell you we’re licensed and insured. Certificate of insurance presented upon your request. And by the way, we’re never had a damage claim.

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Our trucks feature the best equipment in the industry for power washing, soft washing and concrete cleaning.

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Our equipment is truck-mounted. We don’t haul bulky trailers around that impede traffic and cause inconvenience to you neighbors.

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What Can Integrity Do For You?

House Washing

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House Washing

Gentle, effective dirt, algae, and mold removal. Our approach ensures thorough cleansing without harm to delicate surfaces.
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Roof Cleaning

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Roof Cleaning

Restore your roof's cleanliness and appearance with our expert roof washing, protecting it from damaging organic growth.
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Gutter Cleaning

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Gutter Cleaning

Prevent clogs and water damage with professional gutter cleaning, keeping your home safe and dry.
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Window Cleaning

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Window Cleaning

Enjoy crystal-clear windows that enhance your property's aesthetics and let natural light shine through.
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Concrete Cleaning

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Concrete Cleaning

Revitalize your concrete surfaces, removing stains and grime, and preserving their durability.
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Gutter Guard Installation

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Gutter Guard Installation

Invest in gutter guards for long-term protection, keeping debris out and water flowing smoothly.
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Deck Staining

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Deck Staining

Enhance the beauty of your wood surfaces while protecting them from the elements with expert staining and sealing
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Concrete Sealing

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Concrete Sealing

Preserve and elevate the elegance of your concrete surfaces with our professional stone sealing service.
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Commercial Pressure Washing

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Commercial Pressure Washing

Revive the appeal of your business property with thorough and professional cleaning, leaving a lasting impression on customers.
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At Integrity Pressure Washing, we’re dedicated to improving curb appeal and enhancing property value for customers. Whether a residential or commercial job, we make sure your property looks its best. 

Our services include soft washing, roof cleaning, concrete and aggregate cleaning, exterior window cleaning and gutter maintenance. Your satisfaction is our foremost priority. Discover the Integrity Pressure Washing difference today!


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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to Some Common Questions

Why is Integrity Pressure Washing is the best pressure washer?

Our reputation for high quality service stems from the thoroughness of our cleaning and our attention to detail. We take the time to do the job and we don’t leave until the customer is happy. We guarantee our work 100% and we will return and correct any deficiencies if the customer finds something we missed. We have invested in the finest, most up-to-date cleaning equipment for each service offering. And of course, we are licensed and insured.

What are the benefits of washing you home?

Cleaning your home and property  gets rid of the organic growth, stains, dirt and grime that give it a worn-out appearance. A neat and well-kept home contributes to a favorable first impression. When you host relatives or friends at your house, you should be proud of it. If you’re selling your house, first impression are particularly crucial because they could determine whether a potential buyer stops to take a closer look or simply drives by.

What is soft washing?

Soft washing is a cleaning method used to remove dirt, grime, mold, mildew, algae and other organic substances from surfaces like roofs, siding, decks and fences. Unlike pressure washing, which uses high-pressure water to forcefully remove dirt and contaminants, soft washing employs a gentler approach that combines low-pressure water with specialized cleaning solutions. Soft washing is particularly effective for surfaces that could be damaged by high-pressure applications.

What are the benefits of roof washing?

Algae, moss and lichen thrive in humid and shaded environments. These organisms retain moisture and cause roof materials to deteriorate over time. Roofs also accumulate debris, leaves and dirt which can trap moisture and promote the growth of mold and mildew. This moisture can deteriorate the roof’s materials, leading to potential leaks, rot and other structural damage. Regular cleaning can help prevent this damage and extend the life span of your roof.

Can pressure washing revive my weathered wooden surfaces?

Pretreating with SH and pressure washing will remove stains and organic growth from wood with no stain or paint on it.  A post-treatment of Oxalic Acid and Sodium Metasilicate, followed by a rinse will bring the wood back to a nearly new appearance if it is not rotten or severely pitted.

Why is it important to seal concrete?

Concrete sealing is important for several reasons due to its ability  to protect and enhance the durability of concrete surfaces. Here are some key reasons why concrete sealing is considered important:

  • Protection form water and moisture prevention of stains
  • Increased Longevity
  • Ease of Maintenance
  • Enhanced Structural Strength
  • Enhanced Aesthetics
What is the difference between water-based and acrylic concrete sealants?

Water-based and acrylic concrete sealants are both types of sealers used to protect and enhance the appearance of concrete surfaces. Choosing between water-based and acrylic concrete sealants depends on your specific needs and the type of protection you require. Consider the climate, usage, and aesthetic preferences when making your choice.

While they share some similarities, they have distinct differences:

Water-Based Sealants: These sealants are primarily composed of water as a carrier, with the active sealing components being either siloxanes or silanes. They are also referred to as “penetrating sealers” because they penetrate into the pores of the concrete to repel water and protect against moisture damage. They provide protection by repelling water, oil, and other liquids from infiltrating the concrete, making them excellent for preventing moisture-related damage, such as efflorescence and freeze-thaw damage.  Typically, water-based sealers have little to no impact on the concrete’s appearance. They don’t change the surface sheen or color of the concrete. These sealers allow the concrete to breathe, which means they won’t trap moisture within the concrete. This is essential for preventing moisture-related issues. They are durable and provide long-lasting protection against water infiltration. However, they may not offer the same level of protection against abrasion or chemical exposure. They typically require less maintenance as they penetrate the concrete and provide long-lasting protection.

Acrylic Sealants: Acrylic sealants are water-based as well but contain acrylic polymers or resins as their primary sealing agents. They form a protective film on the surface of the concrete rather than penetrating it. These sealers create a protective surface film that can guard against stains, abrasion, UV rays, and minor chemical exposure. They are often used for decorative purposes because they can enhance the concrete’s appearance with a glossy or matte finish. Acrylic sealers can alter the appearance of the concrete by adding a glossy or satin finish. They can also be tinted to add color to the concrete surface. Acrylic sealers form a film on the surface, which can reduce the concrete’s breathability. In some cases, this can lead to moisture-related problems if the concrete is exposed to freeze-thaw cycles. Acrylic sealers are durable against abrasion and wear, making them suitable for high-traffic areas. However, their protective film can wear down over time, requiring periodic reapplication. Acrylic sealers may require more frequent maintenance due to the wear and tear on the surface film. Periodic resealing may be necessary.

How do you handle tough stains on concrete surfaces?

Handling tough stains (e.g., oil, rust, paint, organic, or chemical stains). on concrete surfaces can be challenging, but with the right pressure washing techniques and cleaning agents, most stains can be effectively removed or minimized.  To prevent future stains, consider applying a concrete sealer after the surface is clean and dry. This will make it more resistant to stains in the future.

Are your cleaning agents safe for pets and plants?

The chemical Sodium Hypochlorite is the primary chemical used in pressure washing.  Used responsibly,  the chance of any potential harm to your plants and foliage is minimal.  For a house wash, around 1% SH is applied along with a surfactant (soap) to create surface adherence.  Prior to beginning the pressure washing process, we saturate all plants, grass, flowers and any other foliage with water.  After we apply SH, we thoroughly rinse the affected areas with water.  By the time the job is finished, all chemicals have been safely diluted and rinsed away.

What Makes Power Washing and Pressure Washing Different?

Most people tend to confuse power washing for pressure washing and vice-versa. Generally, both techniques use a similar process. They utilize jets of pressurized water to clean stubborn stains and dirt. However, what makes power washing different from pressure washing is the fact that it uses heated water. On the other hand, a pressure washer uses normal water even though the pressure produced by the jet may make it slightly warm. Power washing involves the use of heated water for providing effective results. It helps get rid of dirt, dust, and just about every type of substance.

Will gutter cleaning damage my roof or shingles?

When performed correctly, gutter cleaning should not cause any damage to your roof or shingles. Professional gutter cleaners are trained to work carefully and methodically, using the right tools and techniques to avoid causing any harm to your property. They usually use specialized ladders with stand-offs or stabilizers to prevent the ladder from resting directly on your gutters, which can cause damage. Moreover, they are well-versed in navigating roofs of all types and slopes, which minimizes the risk of damage.

However, it’s important to note that gutter cleaning done improperly can indeed lead to damage. For instance, excessive force or the wrong cleaning tools can dislodge shingles or damage the roof. That’s why it’s crucial to hire a reputable service with trained professionals who have the necessary experience and equipment. When hiring a gutter cleaning service, it’s always a good idea to ask about their process and what measures they take to ensure the protection of your roof and shingles. Special thanks to Double Diamond Window Cleaning for answering this question!


How long does a window cleaning service usually take?

The duration of a window cleaning service can vary greatly depending on several key factors. Firstly, the number and size of windows you have in your home or building will significantly influence the time it takes. For a small residential home with standard-sized windows, a professional window cleaning service might take anywhere from 2 to 4 hours. However, for larger homes or commercial buildings with numerous windows or specialized glass (like stained glass or windows that are particularly large or uniquely shaped), the process could take a full day or possibly longer.

Additionally, the level of dirtiness and type of cleaning required can also affect the time frame. If your windows require only a basic cleaning, the job will be quicker compared to windows needing intensive cleaning due to accumulated grime, hard water stains, or post-construction debris. The accessibility of your windows is another factor. Windows that are hard to reach or require special equipment to access may add to the overall cleaning time. It’s best to discuss these details with your window cleaning service provider so they can give you a more accurate estimate of the time required. Thanks to Orange County Power Wash for providing us with this answer! 

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