Gutter Cleaning is one of the most important home maintenance tasks. A clean gutter will protect the roof, siding, and foundation of your home.

A clean gutter also channels water away from your house and into the yard. Gutter cleaning should be done at least twice a year, in spring and fall. Learn more by clicking here.

Eliminates Water Damage

Rain gutters channel rainwater away from the foundation of your home. If they become clogged, water backs up and floods the basement. This can damage furniture, electronics, and other items housed in the basement. It also fuels the growth of mold and mildew, which can cause allergic reactions and respiratory problems in family members.

Gutter cleaning eliminates these health hazards by ensuring that the water from the rain gutters flows properly and drains away from your house. It also ensures that the rainwater does not overflow and saturate the soil around your foundation, which could lead to foundation cracks and serious damage over time.

In addition, a clean gutter allows your landscaping to thrive. Clogged gutters can wash away or destroy your bushes, flowers, and grass, which can lower your property value and detract from the beauty of your home. A professional gutter cleaner can safely clear the debris from your gutters and downspouts without the need for ladders, so you do not have to worry about a fall or injury.

Prevents Pest Infestation

Clogged gutters are an attractive breeding ground for pests like rodents, mosquitoes and termites. The stagnant water and sheltered environment filled with organic debris offer the ideal breeding conditions for these pests, which can eventually cause damage to your property.

Mice, rats and chipmunks will seek shelter in the clogged gutters and may eventually make their way inside your house. This can lead to significant damage and foul-smelling odors. Cockroaches are another common pest that is attracted to clogged gutters due to the moist and dark environment they offer. Their presence can also pose health and sanitary concerns since they carry numerous diseases and parasites.

Proper gutter maintenance will prevent your home from being infested by these pests. It’s important to call a professional as soon as you notice signs of clogged gutters like stains on the walls or roof. A clogged gutter can’t transport rainwater away from your house, which will trigger a variety of problems including a leaky roof.

Promotes a Healthy Living Environment

Gutter cleaning prevents the buildup of organic debris that attracts pests like birds, rats, and mosquitoes. These pests carry harmful diseases and can infiltrate the house, posing a health risk for residents.

Regular gutter cleaning also helps to keep the soil in landscaping areas healthy and prevents clogging that can damage plants. It also eliminates the breeding grounds for moss and mildew that can lead to respiratory problems and allergies.

While determining who is responsible for gutter maintenance in rental properties can vary, open communication and collaborative solutions are helpful for finding an effective solution. Landlords and tenants can benefit from establishing shared responsibility, with any agreed-upon arrangements documented in writing to prevent future misunderstandings. Landlords can also consider adjusting the rent or including an addendum in the tenancy agreement to reduce the burden of these expenses on their tenants. This ensures that tenants receive a higher level of service and keeps the property well-maintained for years to come.

Reduces Roof Stress

When gutters are clogged, they become heavy and strain the roof. This can cause the gutters to sag and detach from the house. Gutter cleaning prevents this from occurring and extends the lifespan of the gutters.

The moisture that accumulates in a clogged gutter can also fuel the growth of mold and mildew around your home. This can lead to respiratory issues for your family members, especially children. Gutter cleaning ensures that the water in your gutters is funneled to the drainage system where it is drained away from the house.

If you decide to clean your own gutters, be sure to wear rubber-soled shoes and use a ladder that is sturdy enough for the weight of the debris. This will help you avoid slip-and-fall accidents. Alternatively, you can have a professional gutter cleaner handle the task for you. This can be a cost-effective option and save you the stress of working on a ladder. Next article.